Oficial Taekwondo Training Centre | OTTC | Welcome Bay, Tauranga

Our Location

Welcome Bay Hall
Welcome Bay
New Zealand

Our Weekly Training Sessions

Wednesdays 6.00pm to 7.45pm (105mins)

  • Fitness, technique, self defence, poomcae (patterns)

Thursdays 6.00pm to 7.45pm (105mins)

  • Fitness, technique, sparring practice

Senior Sparring Practice Example

Junior Sparring Practice Example

New members are welcome

New members aged 6 to 65 years old are welcome:

Come and try us for 1 or 2 sessions for free

Just wear some athletic clothes.

If you want to join up, you’ll need to purchase a Taekwondo uniform.

We can buy it on your behalf or you can purchase brand new from Auckland Martial Arts supplies, (approximately $60) or used from TradeMe/Facebook.

Once you have your Yellow belt, we encourage you to buy protective gear so you can join our sparring practice sessions.


Individuals or pairs:$60/month per person
Family:$150/month for a family of 3 or more people
OTTC Taekwondo Pricing

Do you want to…

  • Learn new skills?
  • Challenge yourself?
  • Develop your fitness and flexibility?
  • Build up your confidence?
  • Learn self defence techniques?
  • Become more disciplined?
  • Make new friends?

Then joining OTTC and learning Taekwondo is an excellent choice.

What is Taekwondo?

The literal translation for Tae Kwon Do is “kicking,” “punching,” and “the art or way of.”

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art (and popular Olympic sport).

In this martial art, participants attack or defend with feet and hands without any weapons.

Participants wear a uniform, known as a dobok.


The OTTC club is affiliated with:

  • Taekwondo New Zealand (TNZ)
  • World Taekwondo (WT, formerly known as World Taekwondo Federation)

Our Team / Contact Us:

Master Instructor:

Renato “Rene” Claveria-Oficial

Club Manager (for all enquiries):

Mae Pocopio-Oficial

Mobile: 022 096 2886

Email: maebienne@yahoo.com

Assistant Instructor:

Eugene Banotan

Tauranga Taekwondo Tournaments:

We love to attend local Taekwondo tournaments (5 per year) and we are competitive in both poomcae (pattern) competitions and sparring competitions.

Your attendance to these tournaments is optional but encouraged because of the benefits of testing your skills and knowledge new opponents

We also travel to New Plymouth and Wellington for tournaments once a year

Our medals on day 1 of a 3 day Taekwondo tournament Jul 2021

Belt Levels / Colours

  • White belt
  • 8th grade: Yellow low
  • 7th grade: Yellow high
  • 6th grade: Green low
  • 5th grade: Green high
  • 4th grade: Blue low
  • 3rd grade: Blue high
  • 2nd grade: Red low
  • 1st grade: Red high
  • Black belt 1st dan
  • Black belt 2nd dan to 10th dan

How to progress to higher Taekwondo belts:

Everyone starts at white belt.

We have 2 grading sessions per year

If you work hard you can move up 2 levels (1 belt colour) per grading session

To progress to a higher level or belt you need to demonstrate a higher level of

  • fitness & flexibility
  • more complicated kicks
  • more complicated poomcae (patterns)
  • more complicated self-defence techniques

OTTC Facebook Group

Join us on our Facebook group for announcements, tournament information, photos and videos